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It is devoted to sharing a world where imagination rules. Here you will discover magic and storytelling that will take you into exciting fantasy worlds: a turn-of-the-century sideshow (Wizard of OZ). a 15th-16th century Renaissance faire, or a contemporary school for young wizards (Froghearts School). You can also enjoy optical illusions. You can even learn how to perform a magic trick or two that will amaze your friends and family.

I hope you have fun here and welcome your feedback.

Types and Characters in Our Magic Storytelling Shows

I offer several types of shows for a variety of venues ranging from home birthday parties to community or corporate events to a stage illusion show. Many shows are presented by a fictional character such as The Wizard of OZ, the Renaissance Wizard, Headmaster of Froghearts, etc. If you are considering booking a show, call me and I will recommend the type and character most appropriate for your audience. To get an idea of the variety of themes and characters I offer, browse this site or simply call me for ideas.

Age Appropriate

Each show is crafted to meet the age levels of those attending. Everything is magical for children age five and under; they are entertained by the action, colorful props, costumes, laughter, music, and THE BUNNY! Adults enjoy these same things; but are especially amazed with mentalism – mind reading and such. Regardless of the age of the audience my shows do not depend on off-color remarks or suggestive innuendo for laughs. The language and images are appropriate for all ages in all my shows. For youngsters I avoid magic that seems scary or dangerous. Even so, it is a good idea to explain to youngsters before the show that magic is pretend (see note at the bottom of this page).


Every show I perform includes some storytelling with an educational lesson. Magic’s ties to the dramatic arts dates back to 1700 b.c. as recorded on the Westcar papyrus hieroglyphics; but the art form is probably much older. The earliest magic trick recorded in history involved three balls that appeared and vanished within three metal cups. I still perform the Cups and Balls in some shows today. The world’s best known magic trick is pulling a rabbit out of a hat and the most popular is the “Linking Rings” which I also perform in most shows. I usually tell about some of the history as I demonstrate this ancient craft. Since I often appear as a character from history or literature, I explain the context of of the characters. While my shows are highly entertaining, Thus they are educational while providing amazing fun.

I have created special shows for schools and libraries that blend drama, storytelling, history, literature, math, spelling, and science. Many teach ethical values and “life skills” includng original educational magic that you will find nowhere else. This makes the show ideal for use in schools and libraries.

My shows for religious organizations or seasonal holidays explain the traditions of the religion or holiday. While I perform for many Christian venues, I also have performed for Jewish and Hindu holy days.

Need help in planning your event?

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Do you perform REAL Magic?

Even though we all know that movies and most TV programs are make-believe, producers often include a statement that reminds us that the story is fiction and “any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.”

When you watch my magic it appears that I have some amazing mystical powers.  How else could I do things that defy common sense and fly in the face of logic?  In many of my shows I teach the audience how to do at least one piece of magic.  I want my audiences to understand that anyone can do the magic I perform if they know the secret, have the talent, and are willing to spend years of practice to perfect their presentation.

Yet, I believe in magic. If I cause you to laugh and be delighted, if your curiosity is aroused and your imagination stimulated , or if you can accept and enjoy life without needing to fully understand it,  then that is surely magical.  

I invite you to delight in the magic of life that surrounds us all.