The Fine Print


Our fine print is actually pretty big and easy to understand (no sneaky tricks here).......

For the safety of my audience I avoid using dangerous props in my shows. In my children's shows I avoid tricks that would put youngsters at risk should they imitate me. So you won't see me swallowing swords and torches, manipulating cigarettes, or even making balloon animals (chocking and environmental hazard).

Even though I am extremely careful, accidents can happen. So I maintain comprehensive liability insurance for the protection of my audiences, my customers. and my staff.

All my shows are created for family audiences. If you are looking for a comedian who entertains with suggestive or off-color language, you found the wrong web page.

Most of my shows use some music to enhance the impact of the magical effects. This music was written and produced by leading musicians and arranged expressly for my use. All music I use is royalty-Free, meaning that the artists, composer, and publisher have been fairly paid for their work. No ASCAP, SESAC or BMI licenses or fees are required.

Unlike most performers my basic fee (typically under $200 for a 45 minute- 1 hour show) is the same for everyone and every type of performance. No consideration is given to whether you are a private individual or company, you live in a wealthy neighborhood, or are a celebrity. Of course custom work is extra as are performances over 1 hour. However, my price is primarily based on the hours of preparation I put in and the costs of my apparatus. For every hour on stage I spend about 8-10 hours of preparation and magic illusions are not inexpensive. Each show I do is crafted for the specific audience and that means I need a large collection of magic from which to choose.

Tipping, while not required or expected, is certainly welcome. There is no standard percentage for tipping performers and we believe that ANY tipping should be based on me exceeding your reasonable expectations.

I charge transportation and travel costs if a show is not within a 10 mile radius of my home base in Trumbull, CT. If a show requires overnight accommodation, meals, or airfare, this is also billable. This policy keeps prices lower for local clients and fairly reimburses me for my transportation costs.

Sales Tax
While there is no Connecticut sales tax on magical performances, the state requires that I collect and pay a 6% sales tax on items I sell. If you are a tax exempt organization (school, government, church, non-profit) and have a tax exempt number, please give me that information when booking your show.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I will answer almost any question unless you want to know about my magic secrets.


For more information or to book a magic show  please contact:
Jim Lang
24 Primrose Drive - Trumbull, CT 06611-5043
Voice: 203-377-1747
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