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I'm often asked, "Does someone need to introduce you or do you introduce yourself?"Actually it is very important that you have someone introduce me. Here is why:

During my show I will focus on interaction with the audience. That includes on-stage helpers; but it also includes applause and laughter. it is not a good idea to deliver a long introduction; but it is crucial that you get the crowd applauding as I come forward or from back stage. The introduction can be as simple as:

"Ladies and gentlemen (boys and girls) we have a very talented and funny magician to entertain us today. Let's welcome Jim Lang with a big round of applause." Of course, you lead the applause.

I will follow up your introduction by assuring everyone that if they see something they like they should feel free to applaud and if they feel like laughing that is OK, too. The point is that people enjoy performances more when they are involved with applause and laughter; but we have all become so conditioned by movies and television that we often don't react to live performers.

TV Applause

In fact TV studio audiences are revved-up before the show by a producer who gets them laughing and applauding and who points out the Applause signs.

So your introduction does this job but in a much more subtle way. You should not remind them to applaud or laugh when they see something funny. I'll take care of that; but I do need for you to get things started.

If you want to give a longer introduction here is some background information that might help:

  • Jim Lang started performing as a child and never outgrew it. He has been performing for over thirty years.
  • Jim Lang develops many of his own effects, so you will see some magic tonight that you will see nowhere else.
  • Jim Lang has performed hundreds of magic shows in Connecticut and also in more exotic locations such as Bangkok Thailand, Barcelona, Spain, London and Montreal Quebec.
  • Jim has traveled on mission trips to to Haiti and Honduras to entertain children in remote villages where they had never before seen a real-live magician and they don't have TV.
  • Jim is a member and leader in numerous professional magic association such as:
    • The International Brotherhood of Magicians (Wizard level)
    • Ring 59 IBM New Haven Chapter - Past President
    • Society of American Magicians
    • International Fellowship of Rotarian Magicians, Chairman
    • Fellowship of Christian Magicians
    • International Magicians Society
  • Jim has been recognized in many professional journals including:
    • Who's Who in America
    • Who's Who in the World
    • Who's Who in Education
    • The Remington Registry

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