Lie Detector Lecturer
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Liar Wouldn't it be great if we could actually detect lies?
 For centuries people have tried to find a way to detect truthfulness; but so far nothing has worked very well. Burning witches did not result in honest confessions. Dunking people in water (medieval water-boarding) didn't work either. In the 1960's the French tried to use handwriting analysis but soon abandoned that approach. In 1926 John Larson invented the Polygraph and while this is still used in the United States and Canada, it is banned from most major countries. Even Larson eventually conceded that the polygraph only worked about 56% of the time (remember that a coin flip works 50% of the time).
Since magicians are fascinated by deception it is no wonder that I have been interested in studying lie detection. Finally I developed a device that has been 100% effective in all my tests. Well, that statement is in itself deceptive; but my research and my comical spoof device form the basis for a funny, educational, and somewhat controversial presentation for clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and church groups.

Acme Lie Detector

"Of course the machine does not work so well with me because I never tell lies," claims humorist Jim Lang.

While the speech pokes fun at our obsession with lie detectors, it is controversial with law enforcement professionals, most of whom completely trust the polygraph. I contend that this confidence is due more to culture than actual research. The scientific community totally rejects the polygraph as a lie detector.

The speech humorously explores some of the history of lie detectors using my comical Acme 100% Accurate Lie Detector, a card trick, and a children's novelty item. In combines numerous anecdotes with cold hard statistics.

My hope is that listeners will leave with skepticism about the polygraph and will think twice about ever agreeing to take one.

Every member of the audience is given a free novelty device that measures skin conductivity (moisture) which is one of the four measurements taken by polygraph machines..

At this time the speech is free for organizations that are within 20 miles of my home and beyond that carry my typical travel allowance.

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