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Although I am not a typical "retailer" I do carry a few special items for sale. Some of these items are intended for a birthday "goodie bag"; but may be purchased individually.


Fun Book

Magic and Activity Fun Book
The 24 page booklet contains 7 easy-to-learn tricks along with games, puzzles, optical illusions, stunts, an autograph page, and coloring pages.

Each    $5.00
Ten or more    $2.50
With a booked show    $2.25


Inflatable Wand

Inflatable Wand
A 25 inch Mylar balloon shaped like a 21st century magicians wand, black with white tips.  This balloon seems truly magical as it is self-sealing (you don't need to tie it or seal it). Any balloon will loose a little air over time; but with our wand, just another puff and it is as firm as when first inflated. With care it lasts for years.

Each    $4.00
Ten or more    $2.50
With a booked show    $2.25


Clown NoseClown Nose
A brightly colored sponge-ball nose as worn by clowns and as worn in our Emerald Wizard show. These are made in a special way so they really stay on. We carry a limited number of read and green noses in stock; but can get these for you in other colors as well.

Each    $4.00
Ten or more    $3.00
With a booked show    $2.50


Wooden Wand

Professional Wood Wand
Wooden wands in the old style such as used in our Froghearts show. Each is handmade of rare woods. A perfect birthday gift for the budding wizard. Call us for a description of the wands currently in stock or ask us to bring them with us to a booked show.

Each    $57.00
With a booked show    $45.00


Renaissance Playing Cards
When playing cards were first created they didn't have numbers or printing on the back. They were produced with an old-time press on handmade paper. This deck of 52 cards, handmade in our magic studio, faithfully recreate early 13th century decks.  The soft card stock makes these difficult to riffle shuffle; but you can overhand shuffle and play cards with them or just show them as an unusual souvenir with an interesting history.

Old Card Old CArd King

Each    $12.00
With a booked show    $10.50


8 Magic Tricks  You Can Do
This one sheet, two-sided, brochure describes 8 terrific magic tricks you can perform with just a little practice and props you will find around the house.

Get Adobe ReaderDownload the FREE brochure


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