Medieval Magic
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Knight During the 11th to the 15th centuries magic took many forms. Astrologers, alchemists, sorcerers, and wizards claimed mystical powers and knowledge of the occult. Kings often employed these advisors in their courts and depended upon their wise council. The church, apparently threatened by magic, tried and executed witches and other practitioners of the so-called black arts. These trials soon degraded into vendettas against unpopular townsfolk.

At the same time there were magicians who performed at fairs and at court. These harmless tricksters were much in demand for their unusual and mystifying entertainment. Many of the magical effects we enjoy today, even "new ones" we see on TV specials, were first performed by medieval magicians. Our Renaissance Magic Shows recreate the lighthearted spirit of those early entertainers. Many of the magic effects we perform was also performed then and the methods are largely the same.

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