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There are two types of magic you will find for sale on this page.

  1. There are items manufactured by Creative Magic. I use many of these effects in my acts (underlined below) and they always get a great response. They pack small and are easy to transport and store- yet many are large stage illusions in performance. In 2011 this successful company decided to close so that the owners, Brian and Rebecca Daniel, could turn their attention to another exciting venture. In an unusual move they sold their inventory to some of their customers who they call "shareholders." The idea was that we would each get at least one of everything in current production. Since the items were no longer being manufactured they instantly became collectors items. Initially I am selling them for the retail price as at the time the business closed. I will be raising the price as these collector's items become more difficult to obtain.
  2. There are items from my personal collection. In many cases these are in new or like new condition.

I suggest you call me to discuss your needs and give me the opportunity to answer your questions. I will add the actual shipping and packaging cost once I know the shipping address.


Creative Magic items - All are New See Introduction to ALL tricks on YouTube

Description: http://www.creativemagic.net/art/B-bscreens.gif

B Screens - $1250 New, available for immediate shipment.
Based on the classic Bryce’s Screens, it is the perfect way to produce Santa or a CEO because it can be learned in minutes! It’s a time-tested, fast, and visual illusion that can be done surrounded and with volunteers on stage! An awesome stage illusion because it can be presented in under a minute. Requires two people to perform plus one person, perhaps a local celebrity, who is produced. Screen(s) can also be used as a dazzling backdrop. Color is shimmering blue as shown. Shipping information 17 lbs, 19"x10"x10"

Abbotts sells a Bryce screen for $600 YouTube Video. The Creative Magic version pack a lot smaller and I think it is far superior easily justifying the higher price.

Description: http://www.creativemagic.net/art/B-FlipSwitch.gif

Flip Switch - $795 New, Available for immediate shipment.
Finally, the illusion everyone has been requesting for nearly six years. The perfect illusion for turning one person into another - and it packs into our smallest duffle bag yet!
See it on UTube

Description: http://www.creativemagic.net/art/B-victorycubes.gif

Victory Cubes - $295 New. Several Available both with and without spots
Has endless uses from producing a person to blocking those tricky angles. Perfect for ditching used props in or a fun way to introduce new props. Turn a boring school auditorium into a Vegas showroom instantly, etc. (You will get both plain and dots versions in your portion for sure.)
See it on UTube

Biggest Wand

Biggest Wands - $85 New. One still available without carrying case or fabric cover
The perfect climax for Bigger Wands or use anywhere you want to show a huge wand. The wand is inflatable vinyl like a beach ball.
See it on UTube

Description: http://www.creativemagic.net/art/button-Pandora.gif

Pandora Bags - $65 New
Super Pandora Bag - $65 New
The force bag that starts out empty. Comes with 2 bags and a DVD. (The Super Pandora Bag has one very large bag)
See it on UTube

Description: http://www.creativemagic.net/art/B-flashcardsstreet.gif

Flash Cards - $30 New
Memorized Deck DVD packs, disguised as children's flash cards.
See on UTube. Actually the video is a bit lame. This is a mentalism effect for kids of all ages. Svengali and force decks are also available (contact me for details).

tent The Shadow Tent - $1450 New (2 available)
The illusion that started it all for Creative Magic. Gene Anderson performs this illusion with a young child on stage. Then a bear (human in costume) jumps out of the tent with a big roar. I perform this in venues from Canada to Honduras because it packs to be the size of a regular tent. Can be spun 360 degrees, zipped open and shown completely empty using a light to prove there is nothing in the walls, then seconds after zipping up the tent, shadows appear followed by you, an assistant or both! Click for details and video.



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