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If magic is really is for kids, aren't you glad we never grew up?

Corporate Magician

About half my shows are for adult audiences but all my shows are suitable for family audiences. These adult audience shows often feature mentalism because there is nothing more amazing to adults than knowing what someone is thinking. Adults also enjoy tricks with cards, money, and other everyday items that don't look fake. Theater audiences expect to see large stage illusions.

Shows are not limited to magic tricks. Some include Story Telling and even Optical Illusions. The spinning disk makes the performer's head expand or shrink depending on the direction of travel. It is hard to believe this is possible; but when you actually see this, you will be stunned.

It is nat rural for inquisitive adults to try to figure how it is all done. But after a short while they just give up and enjoy the bizarre impossibility of it all.

optical illusion

Jim: Do you believe in ghosts?

Spectator: Yes I do!

Jim: Well I didn't used to believe in ghosts but after I saw this I'm not so sure anymore.

With this a ghostly presence appears under the handkerchief and floats skyward. It is drawn to the lovely spectator who quickly backs away from the too-friendly orb (to the amusement of the audience).


Here are some Examples of Adult Venues where I have performed:

  • Conventions and Training Meetings: A full stage show provides evening entertainment with perhaps the surprise appearance of the CEO. Products are pitched at trade shows, magical introductions add interest to long meetings.
  • Employee and Family Parties: These can be geared toward adults or kids of all ages.
  • Grand Openings: Draw a crowd by adverting that those who attend the event will be entertained with magic. Typically I work on the sales floor.
  • Fraternal or Service Organization - Meetings or Parties: Provide a memorable program that may feature magic and information about your parent organization.
  • Restaurants: You can offer diners entertainment that positions you above the competition.
  • Open House: Position me at a strategic location or let me amble about.
  • Customer Appreciation Event: Often customers do not know one another, so conversation is stymied. Let me give them a common magical experience, then introduce the CEO for a few words of thanks. Perhaps have me hop from table to table or group to group.

When we take time to do some advance work together, the magic can feature your products or promotional themes.

Characters I recommend for Adult Audiences:
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