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FeaturesA "feature" is a short bit of magic, usually 2 - 10 minutes inserted in a program or presentation. The feature may be used to promote a product, teach a skill, encourage a moral value, or simply offer diversion in a long program. Use one or several at your next event to add interest and keep your audience focused.  Or use Master Jim as your magical MC. A feature may also be used in advance of your major show as a publicity stunt, As with all our magic,  features may be presented by various characters - maybe even a new one that we create just for your event. Talk to us about your specific needs as we may be able to develop, acquire or customize material that meets your unique situation.

A feature might be a magical object lesson presented to a church group or it could be making the CEO magically appear at a corporate sales meeting. It could be driving through town blindfolded or it could be playing BINGO with your company name, logo and sales message printed on the BINGO cards.


  • Recommended Audiences
    • All Ages
    • Corporate Training or Sales Events
    • Trade Shows
    • School Assemblies
    • Banquet Programs
    • Children's Sermons
    • Variety Shows
    • Community Events
    • Walkathons and similar events
    • Dinner Parties
    • Wedding Receptions
    • Moral Object Lessons
Characters who perform Features:
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Modern Renaissance Wizard of OZ Just about  any character that is appropriate to your event
 (Think "out of the box")
Imagination Works
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