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    Illusion Shows include a mixture of small and large illusions. Typically illusions are geared toward a more mature audience and many of our illusions can be scary to young children. The following paragraphs describe some of our illusions:

   In one scene we demonstrate (with the assistance of a hapless spectator) medieval forms of punishment  including a guillotine and "burning" a witch at the stake. In another feature, a beautiful harem girl hides in a basket. An evil sultan discovers the basket and, suspecting that the fugitive is inside, thrusts swords into it; but the girl has disappeared. There is a humorous and happy ending to this drama.


   Explaining that ancient performers usually stayed in tents when they traveled from shire to hamlet, the wizard shows a modern nylon version. This tent is picked up and spun around then a work light is used to illuminate the interior. The light is then hung in the center of the tent and it is zipped up. Within seconds a shadow undulates within the tent which then forms into a human shape. The front of the tents bursts open to reveal a beautiful young girl or perhaps even YOU or another local celebrity.

    In the grand finale a beautiful assistant is hypnotized and covered with a drape. Slowly she rises, then twists to a horizontal position. She floats about the stage with no visible means of support. Then, in a dramatic climax, the Wizard whisks away the cloth to reveal ...nothing. She has vanished into thin air.

Illusion shows are also available with a modern theme including additional illusions such as producing a bowling ball from an attaché case, levitating a young lady selected from the audience, sawing another  audience member in half and an amusing effect where a selected card is located by a bullet fired by yet another member of the audience.!


  • Recommended Audiences
    • Teens to Adults
    • School Assemblies
    • Banquets
    • Theater Night
    • Cruises
    • Fundraising Event
    • First Night
    • Community Festival
Characters who perform for Schools and Libraries:
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Modern Renaissance Wizard of the Rings Wizard of OZ


For more information or to book a magic show  please contact:
Jim Lang
24 Primrose Drive - Trumbull, CT 06611-5043
Voice: 203-377-1747