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There is nothing more amazing to adults than when a magician seems to be able to probe into their minds and reveal what they are thinking. What sneaky gimmick or sleight of hand could be employed? None, of course!

Mentalism includes reading people's thoughts, predicting future events, physically controlling objects through mere thought, projecting thoughts into a person's mind.

Some mentalism can be funny such as when a spectator randomly selects and thinks of a famous celebrity and then the entire audience is able to read the volunteer's mind and identify the celebrity.

It can also be spooky such as when a small brass bell rings in response to questions from the audience. This simulates a seance as the story line is that the bell is being rung by someone from the spirit world.

It can be scary such as when three Styrofoam cups are mixed-up by a volunteer. Under one of them is a sharp spike. One by one the mentalist smashes his hand down on each cup hoping to avoid the spike.

We sprinkle mentalism into most of our shows; but this show is a full hour of mind-bending entertainment.

Although it seems impossible, all our mentalism is achieved using magic. We don't claim to have any supernatural powers.



  • Recommended Audiences for Mentalism
    • Adults or Teens
    • Club Meetings
    • Corporate Events
    • Cruises
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For more information or to book a magic show  please contact:
Jim Lang
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Voice: 203-377-1747