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Characters: The Wizard of OZ   Medieval  Wizard   Professor  Lang  of  FrogHearts   Modern Day Magician

    Many children and adults have been delighted by books and movies about a young wizard in England who attended a special school to learn his magic. His school is only one of many commissioned by the Ministry of Magic operating all over the world that teach the magic arts.

    Professor Lang, headmaster at Froghearts School, is available to demonstrate some of the magic taught there even as he recruits new students (muggles need not apply).

   Those who attend his 45-60 minute "lecture" will meet Hopweg, a magical flying white bunny who delivers mail (perhaps a birthday card). Golden snitches fly about the room so rapidly that they are invisible to the naked eye except when they are caught in a quidditch net. The headmaster even demonstrates the awesome powers of his genuine holly wood wand .

   The professor tests the physic ability of the audience.  Inanimate objects come to life.  Solid objects penetrate mirrors. The sorting hat speaks and even reads minds.  Children learn to create their own magic and you can download "lecture notes" so they can practice what they have learned.

    This is a delightful show with a popular theme. You can enhance this show with decorations, games, costume accessories and other  material available at party stores.


  • Recommended Audiences
    • Children or Family audience
    • School Assemblies

For more information or to book a magic show  please contact:
Jim Lang
24 Primrose Drive - Trumbull, CT 06611-5043
Voice: 203-377-1747