Maser Jim - Renaissance Magician
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Renaissance Magic

"Hail and well met good sir and good lady..."
    Hath thou been searching hither and thither to find a most special and unusual merriment? Surely it is a difficult thing to find a distraction that is enjoyed by all ages. Pray you, consider some Renaissance Magic. Master Jim, taking the roles of original Renaissance men, will amaze, amuse, and befuddle you. Lovely Mistress Sherry adds a bit of spice to larger shows.

    Master Jim begins your show as a street entertainer at the fair at St. Ives. He produces brightly colored silks from his bare hands and begs a few shillings for his effort. Her Majesty the Queen learns of his whimsical magic and appoints him Court Jester. By the end of the performance, Master Jim is promoted to Court Magician and the audience helps him design a most magical Coat of Arms that produces an immense display of brightly colored flags and streamers.

    This most delightful drama is rendered in several versions for diverse groups of spectators. There is a large illusion show in which Mistress Sherry (part witch, I'll wager) soareth is if on a broom. She is skewered with swords, disappears, reappears, and forthwith loses her pretty head. SomeJim with Bunnt versions feature Merlin, a furry white bunny  that young masters and mistresses are permitted to pet. Birthday performances are singularly mindful of the person who doth celebrate the natal day. Young onlookers oft imitate what they observe, so a performance for youngsters imparts good values and avoideth dangerous apparatus.

    For a most extraordinary and agreeable entertainment, consider a magical trip back in time to the Renaissance. Your humble servant, Master Jim, awaits your bidding. Please browse this manuscript for details.

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  • Recommended Audiences

    • All Ages - Families

    • School Assemblies

    • Club Meetings

    • Banquets

    • Church Programs

    • Camps

    • Assisted Living Facilities

    • Nursing Homes

    • Wedding Receptions

    • Dinner Parties

For more information or to book a magic show  please contact:
Jim Lang
24 Primrose Drive - Trumbull, CT 06611-5043
Voice: 203-377-1747