Wizard of the Rings
Characters: The Wizard of OZ   Medieval  Wizard   Professor  Lang  of  FrogHearts   Modern Day Magician
OrbThe Gray Wizard - Gandolf

One RingLoosely based on the famous character from literary fiction, the Wizard of the Rings amazes Hobbits, Fairies, Dwarfs, Elves and especially  Humankind. Because of his gray robes, hat and beard, many call him the Gray Wizard.  Audience members get to actually touch and hold the powerful gold ring with elfish inscription (but only for a moment). In the hands of the Wizard, larger rings link and unlink.

  A giant orb floats safely under control of the Wizard. He tellsOrb stories of his exploits and shows his magical gems - each with incredible power. The Wizard demonstrates his power to read minds and control objects as he prepares to do battle. His magic sward pierces a spectator's neck; but without damage thanks to an elfish balm.




The Elf Queen levitates in mid-air then vanishes in a stunning climax.

The 60-80 minute illusion show is filled with action and excitement.

This is a spectacular show with a popular theme and large stage illusions. Although our pictures show the Wizard in a natural setting, breezes could ruin some of our illusions, so we cannot do the full show out of doors. You can enhance this show with decorations, games, music, costumes and other  themed material available at party stores.


  • Recommended Audiences for various versions of this fantasy
    • Theater Parties
    • Corporate Events such as National Sales Meeting
    • Convention Evening Show
    • NOTICE TO PARENTS: Some of the illusions in this show may be be frightening to young children.

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